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Thematic Universe

Universus is set in a parallel future, where humanity has taken its first steps in space exploration. With Spaceships and Androids, players are capable of extracting Resources on Planets, interacting with other life forms and visiting planets around galaxies and Sectors.
Players are on a mission to expand the frontiers of our civilization. Outer space is vast and many resources are available to players willing to obtain them. Resources can be negotiated on the market or used to build Equipments and new Spaceships.
Space commerce is a booming business, but exclusive to the few. That's because building spacecraft is expensive and resources are scarce. Players must buy resources from each other. And for Universus to receive new players, new Spaceships must be built and sold on the market.
New activities are being discovered and implemented by explorers. This means that new game modes will be released and there will be even more interactions with the Universus ecosystem.
The game focuses on space exploration with travel between planets and combat against alien elements. Our goal is to create an engaging product with cutting-edge visual art and modern gameplay.
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