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Few entrepreneurs were willing to explore space in 2055. Those willing to explore have made the galaxies the new frontier of knowledge, profit and adventure for humanity.
In 2055 humanity has made incredible discoveries in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Asimov's three laws of robotics became imperative in all created robots. This phenomenon allowed the growth of the Android market on the planet.
Since then, Androids have helped humanity to work harder, better and faster. The same way computers changed our lives in the 1990s. Androids became everywhere and essential to the world economy.
On the other hand, the buzzword in the field of space exploration in 2055 was “People Universus”. The concept explained the need and desire of humans to visit other Planets. This meant that global access to space Exploration was only a matter of time.
A few years later, Earth Entrepreneurs made a bold move. A collective effort to pool resources in silos was made and thus the first Universus space squadron was born. Thanks to this event, thousands of people were able to buy their own Spacecraft to explore planets that have already been visited and mapped by companies that were already in space.
This incredible space advance came with its peculiarities. Traveling through space is dangerous and visiting planets with all their threats and differences in size, temperature, atmosphere, gravity, biomes and hazards makes it evident that such explorations are very dangerous for humans.
To solve this, entrepreneurs turned adversity into opportunity. The solution to minimizing risks and losses in space travel was to sell the Spaceships to people willing to risk their savings in this high-risk, high-reward endeavor.
The answer was clear to everyone: Advances in Artificial Intelligence
What made space travel a reality for many was the paradigm shift for exploration with Androids. Now, the Spaceships would be filled with robots capable of withstanding the difficulties and bringing to market the most advanced Resources the world has ever seen.
Now the doors of space exploration are open to you. The first public offering of Spaceships will be made and you can become a pioneer that will open the door of the galaxies to thousands of other players.
Welcome to Universus!