How to get your Spaceship

To build a Spaceship the player needs:
  • Resources: Obtained through challenges in the Universus stages.
  • Medallion: Chance to obtain through challenges with bosses and special quests.
  • UNX Token: Can be traded on WEB 3.0 platforms
The combination between these requirements and the scarcity of resources makes Spaceships the most valuable NFTs in Universus.
As stated earlier, spaceships can be acquired at first through Spaceship Boxes. Spaceships Boxes can be obtained through public offerings, whitelists and giveaways during the spaceship public sale.
In case the player is unable to buy a spaceship through the spaceship public offer, there will be other ways to buy a spaceship:
  • Spaceships can be purchased on the marketplace from other players.
  • Another way to obtain spaceships is through crafting. Players that find medallions inside Loot Cases can craft a new spaceship if all other prerequisites are met.
Spaceships owners can craft new spaceships through the hangar menu.
Spaceships have different characteristics such as Spaceship Classes, Spaceship Models, Talent Tree, Spaceship Rarities and different Spaceship Attributes.
Altogether there are 15 Spaceship Models with 6 Rarities, 3 Spaceship Classes and 24 different Talents with level progression. Those variations, including color and texture, give Spaceship NFTs a unique value according to the overall result.