There are different ways to explore Universus, but all of them require access to a spaceship. Players can Own Spaceships, Rent Spaceships, Borrow Spaceships or use the Space Shuttle.
To seek out the best Resources, players must move quickly from one Planet to another.
Owned Spaceships - bought by the pioneer entrepreneurs in the public offering or later on the secondary market - are able to transport different numbers of squads according to the Rarity of each Spaceship. This difference in squads within a spaceship multiplies the player's exploration capacity and consequently, the results obtained.
Rented Spaceships and Borrowed Ships give access to virtually all the benefits of a ship owner for a predetermined period of time. For Rented spaceships, the lessor pays in advance for the use of the spaceships and is fully entitled to the resources acquired during the rent. Borrowed Spaceships do not have advance payment. The spaceships revenue is divided between the lessor and the lessee as agreed between the parties.
The spaceships also have Talent Trees that give access to different in-game powers and effects. As an example, some Talents can change Androids' attributes or add game mechanics to the spaceships.
Players who are owners are eligible to participate in Stakings planned for Universus and its community.
Spaceships require a 24h cooldown from the last use to be used on another account

**Heads up**

After the public NFT sale of spaceships boxes, only players will be able to create new spaceships.