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Planets hold the main rewards and challenges within Universus. They are distributed across different Sectors and Systems and have different Threat Levels.
Players must carefully choose the planets they wish to visit. Otherwise, they may suffer from the obstacles of space travel such as Solar Explosions, Meteors, Pirate Spaceships and others.
​Daily and Weekly Quests offer in-game rewards that encourage traveling to different planets during space exploration.
It's also important to be aware of the threat level of a planet, it defines the difficulty of the monsters that can be encountered in Exploration.
To choose the correct planet before traveling we have two other factors that need to be analyzed. planets always have a Formation and Element in their composition.
Possible formations are: Rock, Liquid, Continental, Swamp, Gas and Desert.
Possible elements are: Fire, Iridescent, Void, Toxic, Ice and Metal.
Possible threat levels are: Low, Normal, Moderate, Significant, Severe and Hellish.
Planets are formed by combining Formation + Element + Threat Level. The three factors together define the incidence of Monsters and Resources on the planets of Universus.
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