Universus Bonds

UNX Tokens received by Universus Treasury are offered to our token holders at a discount through Universus Bonds. To be eligible to participate in Universus Bonds, the token holder must have UNX Tokens in Staking at least 7 days prior to the date of sale. The maximum amount of UNX Token that can be purchased on Universus Bonds is equivalent to 20% of the total staked tokens.
Each week a different token or coin will be required as payment for the bonds, in order to create healthy diversification for Universus Treasury.
The amount of the discount that is offered on each Universus Bond is updated in real time, algorithmically, taking into account the law of supply and demand. For example, if the discount starts at 5% and, if there is strong demand, the discount will be reduced with each new purchase made. If demand is lower than expected at this price level, the discount will increase over time until it meets demand.
Last modified 1yr ago