Play-to-Earn Economy

The rewards obtained by the players in the game are mostly Resources Tokens that are required to craft new NFTs such as Equipment and Spaceships (players can also get NFTs as rewards in special cases).
Players can easily buy and sell resources from other players using Universus' Marketplace with an Swapper Universus. All Transactions are done using UNX Tokens.
Resources will have high demand for a few reasons. Crafting a new spaceship for instance, consumes lots of resources and spaceships are essential to every player in Universus.
Spaceships' Talent Tree can also be upgraded using resources with a geometrical progression of costs. The initial talent points are cheap but the more you upgrade, the more the upgrades will cost.
Equipment is not sold by Universus and can only be crafted by the players, thus boosting even more the demand for resources since they are crucial to have a chance in the most difficult challenges and quests.
Universus challenges (daily and weekly missions), scoreboards and tournaments with high prizes for the winners increases even more the demand for the top tier NFTs and resources.